Safe Surgery-Center Anesthesia Since 1984 -
Since 1984, Zinder Anesthesia, LLC has provided sedation and general anesthesia services in ambulatory surgery-centers across Maryland and neighboring states. Considered the first mobile surgery-center based group in Maryland, Zinder Anesthesia has led the way in making outpatient anesthesia a safe and economical choice for surgeons and patients.

Zinder Anesthesia services the following specialties:

-Plastic Surgery
-In Vitro Fertilization/Gynecology
-Oral Surgery
-Vascular Surgery
-General Surgery
-Pain Management

It is our goal to make the surgical-center experience positive for the patient while providing a seamless service and professional atmosphere for the surgeon.

Herb Zinder, CRNA
Herb Zinder, CRNA, Our Founder